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SurgeAssure - Whole Home Surge Protection

SurgeAssure – Whole Home Surge Protection


What is Whole Home Surge Protection and why do I need it?

Whole home surge protection is surge protection that starts at your electrical panel and protects your entire home from surges. Surges can be caused by a number of factors, such as the utility or even a common house hold device such as your ac unit clicking on.

Surges cause damage to anything electrical in your home and can cause thousands of dollars in damages. Have you ever noticed a slight buzzing in the speakers of your T.V. after a storm, or the timer on your stove not working?  These damages from surges can cut the life of your electronics by years. Through surgeassure™, we bring superior protection solutions and services to residential and commercial customers.  Surgeassure™ protection products utilize the same technology and rugged components used in our industrial & commercial products that protect critical electronic equipment for Fortune 500 companies.


Total Zone Protection

Today’s homes are more reliant than ever on appliances and electronics that are controlled by extremely sensitive microprocessor circuits. These circuits are easily damaged or disrupted by power surges originating both inside and outside the home. SurgeAssure has developed a line of residential protection products designed to protect the electrical and electronic equipment in your home using the Total Zone Protection “staged protection” strategy which divides your home into three zones.

Main Zone: 1st stage of defense and the key to protecting your home.
Main Zone Protectors are installed at the main power panel, cable TV/satellite service and telephone service.

Interior Zone: 2nd stage of defense for sensitive electronics inside the home.

Exterior Zone: 3rd stage of defense for equipment located outside the home such as the air conditioning unit, pool pump or well pumps.

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